Office cleaning

How your offices look can often be a reflection to your clients as to how you run your business.
A clean office also creates a good working atmosphere for your employees.  But how clean are your offices in reality?

Many cleaning companies surface clean, so everything looks clean on a surface level, but pick up your telephone handset, does that look as clean as it should?
How about your computer keypad? Does that have layers of grime building up?

At CDC Hospitality, we take care of the details by providing a detailed cleaning schedule, without charging you a detailed expensive price.

Our employees are fully vetted (See policies page for more details) ensuring that you can be safe and secure.

So, whatever your office needs are…Call us today.

CDC Hospitality is the key to your solution!

We can't clean a fragmented drive, but we can clean computers!

We may not be able to remove viruses and bugs from your systems, but we can keep them off shared peripherals and your valuable staff.

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