Hostels are becoming more popular with travellers as it offers them an affordable way to travel.
Many have a selection of rooms available all including an en-suite with the option of private twins and dormitory rooms with 3-12 bunk beds which allows them to cater for groups of all sizes including families, couples, backpackers and school trips.

But how do you ensure great feedback from guests, when you can have as many as 28 guests using the same bathroom facilities?

The answer is simple; CDC Hospitality will manage the housekeeping team.

We understand the complexities of hostels and the needs of the business. We offer a detailed, cost effective service.
By cleaning to a high quality and maintaining the dorms to high standards, we work hard to ensure great online reviews, achieving maximum guest retention thus protecting your investments.

So, whatever your housekeeping needs are…Call us today.

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CDC Hospitality can maintain your hostels to a quality standard on an effective budget