Our HR departments is fully versed in the home office employment regulations and carries out
rigorous checks before allowing someone to be employed.

We take safety seriously and work within the training role to ensure that all members of staff have a full Health and Safety induction
in the very beginning of their employment which is refreshed regularly according to our Yearly Training Calendar.
We carry full indemnity insurance and display a copy in the Housekeeping Office.

We rarely recruit from outside, but encourage each team member to work on their careers in applying for promotions.
Each person interested in promotion is given the chance to present to us why they think they are right for the job.
Once the application is agreed upon, extensive training and monitoring is then put into place to prepare them for any
future roles, thus ensuring that when a vacancy becomes available, a candidate is already trained and able to seamlessly fill the position.

We are proud to say every one of our Area Managers started their career as a Room Attendant
and have grown with us each step of the way.

Our biggest emphasis is teamwork.  CDC Hospitality has a strong ‘hands on’ approach and we spend time working with our teams to ensure the personal touch.  We run extensive training programs and offer a good promotional structure
to allow every individual the opportunity to grow.

If people enjoy their job, it shows in their productivity and the output quality.
You cannot ask a person to appreciate their job, if they do not show appreciation for the job they do.

We would not ask anyone to do something which we would not be prepared to do ourselves.
We work very closely with the Housekeeping Manager to ensure we are all there to support them in their role,
by being their extra hands, eyes and ears.

We act as a team to listen to what their objectives and goals are, then work with them to achieve that.

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