Contract cleaning is designed to allow you to budget for the year ahead with complete clarity and no nasty surprises. When you run your housekeeping in house, and people go sick or take leave, it often leaves you having to pick up the additional costs of agency staff.
Factor in the costs of advertising, training, HR costs, and payroll and it’s no surprise that hotel general managers often have the headache of a hotel that is running way over budget!

Contract cleaning is designed to take the stress away, by allowing us to provide your whole housekeeping team at a fixed cost per departure.

Many general managers are afraid that contract cleaning will lead the team away from their companies brand standards, and quality will be compromised.

But with CDC Hospitality, our mission is to understand your brand standard, and to ensure our team know it too!
Our teams seamlessly blend in with your teams to achieve the same common goal; ensure your hotel gets a great reputation with its guests.

We ensure quality cleaning is achieved on a consistent basis and provide you a complete network of support.

We are proud to say that we have never had a client cancel on us, because we consistently deliver fantastic results, leaving the general manager to manage their time more effectively on other aspects of their business.

So, whatever your Housekeeping needs are, call us today – CDC Hospitality can provide you the solution!

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